In this beginner course, you will learn the basics of how to design a Moodle 2.X course.  

Elite 1 focuses on providing Lindbergh employees with the technology skills necessary to be a successful technology user.  Use this enrollment code to gain access to the course: elite

This course will focus on the following learning outcomes

  • Interactive Environment-The teacher will create an interactive learning environment through the use of a flipchart/whiteboard.
  • Formative Assessment-The teacher will utilize formative assessment techniques through the use of activexpression clickers.
  • BYOD-The teacher understands and promotes the use of student devices throughout the daily curriculum in a meaningful way.  
  • Public Portal-The teacher will maintain an engaging online web presence. 
  • Multimedia-The teacher engages students through the creation and consumption of audio/visual tools.
  • Ongoing Lifelong Learner-The teacher adjusts and adapts to new learning necessary for the ever changing times.